Our Culture & Values

Our values guide how we work together. They are trust and respect; communication; development of potential; continuous improvement; and team work.

Michelle Soakell-Ho
Business Intelligence Developer, Knowledge Management*

BSc, BCom(Hons), PhD

Michelle helped develop a new web-based system that enables 24 Hour Surgery staff to have a ‘live’ view of where each patient is in the treatment process. This system is called the “Q-Portal’.

The 24 Hour Surgery is an urgent care facility that sees more than 300 patients per day during peak periods. Capturing and monitoring the patient at each step, from triage to waiting room to treatment room, provides an overall view so staff members caring for that patient can track their progress and their current health status.

Q-Portal worked so well that it has been further developed (QP2) to show where bottlenecks hold up patients so solutions can be found. A group of clinicians, infrastructure team and 24 Hour Surgery senior leadership team members are working on those solutions.

The development of Q-Portal and QP2 are great examples of how Pegasus Health’s culture and values are integrated into the work that we do. We are continually asking “Is this good enough?”.

*Since this story was written, Michelle has moved to Sydney.