Clinical Quality & Education Programme

Please note: Small Group sessions are held through the Pegasus Education website – access the education website and log in with your username and password.  To find out more or to enrol in a Small Group, contact

The Pegasus Health Clinical Quality and Education (CQE) Programme provides continuing education to general practitioners, practice nurses, nurse practitioners and community pharmacists throughout Canterbury. Educational messages are tailored to each professional group, with a strong focus on teamwork.

The programme is provided via:

  • Small Group meetings (peer-led, interactive, case-based)
  • Large Group Meetings (lecture-style)
  • Workshops and Modules (e.g. recurring diabetes modules)
  • Bulletins (e.g. new medicines, safety alerts)

The CQE team consists of experienced registered health professionals, most of whom also work in clinical practice. All are skilled in literature searching, critical appraisal, and interpreting and presenting information as evidence informed educational material. A Qualitative Analyst helps with survey design and reporting, and a Data Analyst scrutinizes prescribing and laboratory test ordering to provide local datasets for discussion.

Themes repeatedly threaded through the Small Group programme include: addressing polypharmacy, over-diagnosis, and over-treatment; understanding variation and uncertainty in practice; encouraging shared decision making; and considering health literacy, equity, and diversity.

The Small Group sessions aim to present new evidence to health professionals, asking them to compare what they do in relation to their peers, facilitating discussion about challenging issues, and encouraging behaviour change. The information provided in the education sessions is evidence-informed, and free from commercial bias. Each education meeting is facilitated by a Small Group Leader, from a team of health professionals who undergo training specifically for this role.

Pegasus Health is a registered RNZCGP Continuing Medical Education (CME) Provider. The Nursing Council of NZ recognises professional development hours awarded to practice nurses for participation in the Education Programme. The CQE programme is also recognised by the Pharmaceutical Society of NZ and is suitable to be included as part of the ENHANCE recertification programme for pharmacists.  

More information

Health Professionals can access more information about the education programme, including session materials, on our secure website Pegasus World > Clinical Quality & Education Portal*

*Pegasus World is a secure website and access is restricted. If you do not have a login but believe you should have access, please contact the Pegasus IT Service Desk on 03 353 9990.