Hikitia / Strengthening Family Practice

The Hikitia / Strengthening Family Practice (SFP) programme is based on a collection of ideas from the  Health Care Home approach, which have proven valuable to a number of Canterbury practices.

This continuous quality improvement programme aims to support practices to become more resilient with delivering services in this dynamic environment and more flexible in how patient needs are met.

Benefits for practices

  • Improve your capacity to manage unplanned and urgent care
  • Enable your team to provide proactive care
  • Build capability across clinical and non-clinical teams
  • Support evolving models of care and new ways of working
  • Improve business efficiency.

Why be part of the Programme?

  • Acknowledge and celebrate your practice’s achievements – especially those made during the COVID-19 lockdown and through the Health Care Home journey. You may recognise some of your own achievements in this package.
  • Provide value to your practice with those elements in the Programme you have yet to explore and an opportunity to ensure more equitable outcomes for your patients.
  • Acknowledge your efforts with a one-off $5,000 payment upon completing the programme.