Redwood Clinic celebrates success in foundation standard assessment

Redwood Clinic celebrates a historic achievement as they successfully pass the Foundation Standard on their initial assessment, a rare feat in the eyes of seasoned assessor Rachel McAllum.

The Foundation Standard is not an easy task to conquer. Melissa Pearson, Practice Manager at Redwood Clinic, generously shared their team’s experience and some valuable insights. Melissa explained effective Smartsheet use for self-assessment, early assessor access, and pre-assessment preparations played a pivotal role in their success. By engaging in open dialogue and seeking feedback from their assessor before the site visit, Redwood Clinic ensured a smoother process, allowing for corrections and reducing stress for their dedicated staff.

Melissa emphasised the importance of reading the Foundation Standard guidance resources in advance, which provided clarity and a shared understanding of the requirements. They also acknowledged the need for consistent document control and integrating updates from the RNZCGP into their preparations.

Allocating practice time and involving the entire team in the process proved vital to Redwood Clinic’s success. Assigning specific tasks, setting deadlines, and regular check-ins ensured progress was steadily made. A structured timetable, with dedicated time off on Wednesday afternoons, enabled focused work on indicators. Being proactive and organised allowed the clinic to approach the assessment day with a sense of preparedness and confidence and ensured they were able to keep their primary focus on providing exceptional care for their patients, embodying the spirit of compassionate healthcare.

Early access to the assessment Smartsheet, approximately two months prior to the assessment, fostered seamless communication, eliminating misinterpretations and incorrect uploads of evidence. The conscientiousness of Redwood Clinic’s preparation, coupled with their commitment to dedicate ample time to the workload, and the remarkable collaboration within the practice team were evident throughout the process. It was this dedication that created a thorough, efficient, and positive Foundation assessment experience and result.

Ka mau te wehi! (Congratulations!)