Tōtara Pānui – Fulfilling dreams through nursing: Richy George’s journey

Richy George, a third-year nursing student, embraced nursing with his
wife’s encouragement, juggling studies and parenting. As a Commonwealth gold medalist in powerlifting, he aims to integrate his passion with nursing.

Richy George, a dedicated third-year nursing student at Ara institute of Canterbury, is not only pursuing his passion for healthcare but also leaving a lasting impact on the communities he aspires to serve.

During the challenging COVID-19 lockdown period, Richy’s wife posed a transformative question: “Have you considered becoming a nurse?” Initially, Richy believed the path to nursing required extensive education, which seemed out of reach. However, with the encouragement of his wife, he embarked on a foundation course that paved the way for his journey into nursing.

“She knows that I have a deep passion for helping people, and she believed that nursing would allow me to fulfil that dream,” Richy said.

Juggling the demands of his studies and raising two lively boys is no easy feat. Richy acknowledges the challenges but remains resolute in his dedication to both his family and his education.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Richy has found solace and strength in powerlifting, a hobby he has cultivated since 2017. His prowess in the sport led him to represent New Zealand and claim the gold medal at the Commonwealth Championships. Now, Richy aspires to combine his passion for powerlifting with his nursing career. Recognising his strengths in building therapeutic relationships, as well as his perseverance and discipline, Richy envisions using powerlifting as a means to empower and inspire patients on their healing journeys.

Richy’s ultimate goal is to work in primary care, specifically focusing on serving Māori and Pasifika communities. This aspiration reflects his deep-rooted desire to uplift and support local communities within Aotearoa. Richy aims to bridge the gaps in healthcare access and outcomes for these communities, ensuring that everyone receives the care they deserve.